Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Inspired by Poetry


  • To find a use for those lines that you have to memorize for POL

  • Choose a prompt:
    1. A heart-wrenching, break-up letter
    2. A love letter--or maybe that invitation to prom
    3. Want something a little more serious?  Maybe you can write the eulogy that could have been read at Emil's funeral (O Pioneers!)
  • Find some content for your letter:
    • You need at least 3 lines from 3 different poems listed on the Poetry Out Loud website.
    • Include some song lyrics.  Find at least 2 lines of song lyrics from 2 different songs that work for your subject.  I know you all have songs that you know by heart and refer to--there's actually not that much of a difference between poetry and music, so take the leap!
    • Whenever you use lyrics or poem lines, please put quotation marks around the lines.  MLA is not needed for this activity, but I need to see where you took quotes.
    • Whatever you choose your letter should not be made up all of one poem or one song.
    • Your letter does not have to rhyme.  It can if you want it to, but it is a letter--or a eulogy if you go with #3.
    • You probably should have some of your own writing in there to help your writing flow.  If you went from one line of poetry to another, it likely would not make much sense.
    • By the time that you include all of your lines and transitions, you should have written no less than half a page.  (It probably will look like more than that with a heading at the top.)
  • You have the period to complete this task!  By the end of the period, the student with the most ridiculous letter or the most serious and moving eulogy will be named the winner.

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