Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Gender on the Great Plains: O Pioneers! Project

Ms. Hoffmann
English 10
Gender on the Great Plains Project
  • To practice understanding and discussing information from informational texts
  • To discuss literary works in light of informational text
  • To create multimedia presentations to share information with peers

Now that you have read your assigned encyclopedia article, it is time for you to share your findings with others in your group. You will be using these findings to analyze ideas in O Pioneers!, which you will share with the rest of the class through Google Slides or Prezi.

Due Date:  Final presentations will be due the Friday following our return from midterms: February 5th.  You may need to work on this outside of class during TEA or you may need to divide tasks and collaborate digitally.

Step 1: Compare reading notes with others in your group.  It is essential that you make sure you all are on the same page now before you begin your analysis or presentation.  Take the time to help each other and ask questions.

Step 2: Consider the questions below.  You should have someone record notes as you discuss for your presentation.

Note: If you have the journal article by Dyck, you will be focusing on whether or not you agree with his interpretation of the novel, why, and what that means for the deeper message of the novel.

  • How does Alexandra compare to the woman pioneers discussed in your text?

  • What makes them similar or different?  Please refer to specific details from the text and your article.

  • Why does Cather make Alexandra so like or unlike the depictions in the articles?  Hint: Think about how it helps her get across her message or theme to have Alexandra so alike or unlike these New Women pioneers.
Step 3: Create your presentation in Google Slides or Prezi.  Make sure all members of your group can access it.  Your presentation needs to contain the following information.  It also should be completed keeping in mind the presentation rubric (
  • Title Slide
  • Summary of information from the article.  (This should happen over a few slides. If you have one slide you either do not have enough information, or you are putting too much on single slides. Please do not let any of your slides get too wordy.)
  • Slides comparing Alexandra to the women pioneers of the article
  • Explanation of what the similarity or difference means for the theme of the text
  • Concluding slide (if the previous explanation did not tie your ideas together)

Step 4: Edit! Proofread!  Yes, even for a presentation.


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