Thursday, November 10, 2016

Four-Square Activity

Four-Square Analysis ABC

In your group, follow the following steps.  You all should be helping one another and planning the project together, but I would suggest that each person be in charge of one section of the project.

  1. Share your answers from the verbal questions together.
  2. Divide your chart paper into four sections.
  3. In the top left square, you will be creating a word cloud.  If you do not know what a word cloud is, Google it.  Look at Wordle.  Your word cloud should be representative of words and terms that you see repeated a lot in the graphic novel and that you believe are important to the graphic novel.
  4. Write a theme for American Born Chinese.  Write it big in the top right square.  In smaller print, include one quote from each of the three main characters.  Each of these quotes should help to best illustrate your theme.
  5. In the bottom left square, you will be creating a drawing of Jin.  This should be a symbolic drawing based on how he is characterized.  Include a setting and accessories.  Be sure to label at least five components of your drawing that you included because they make Jin who he is.
  6. In the bottom right corner, you are going to be writing a paragraph of six to eight sentences.  This paragraph should compare Yang's American Born Chinese and Cisneros' The House on Mango Street.  Some questions to consider: Did they deal with similar themes?  In the same ways?  Was each effective?  Remember to follow the rules of good paragraph writing--topic sentence, supporting details, proofreading, etc.

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