Monday, October 3, 2016

Writing Workshop: Comparing Styles

  • Writing Prompt:  
    • In a one-page, MLA-formatted paper, explain to me whether Cisneros' or Albom's writing style is more effective.  Your answer is going to be your opinion backed up from evidence in both authors' work (with the help of the two style charts).  However, you should not be saying anything along the lines of "I believe" or "in my opinion."  This is an academic paper: leave the Is, mes, and mys out of it.  
      • Don't know what MLA formatting is? (It's part of the reason I demand Times New Roman.)  Take a look at the following resource:  Better yet, bookmark this site.  It's incredibly useful, and many college recommend using it over citation generators.  
      • You may write more than a page, but I expect no less than one, full page.  Not almost one page.  Not a page with a heading in 25 pt font and triple spacing.
    • I am going to be grading you on your discussion of style as well as the basic format of your paper.  You should know from past English classes to include an intro, body, and conclusion to your piece.  You also should know that your thesis statement needs to come at the end of your introduction--yes, even for a one-page paper.
    • The rest of your paper is going to help me to determine what grammar, style, and usage rules we need to review in class.  Do your best.  Don't be lazy with punctuation and capitalization, or we will be spending classes reviewing those topics.
    • Please be aware that you DO need to include textual support for what you are arguing.  Even though you are talking about the style of writing rather than plot events, which you may be more used to doing, you need to be sure that you are backing up what you are saying.  Your opinions--even if not stated as "in my opinion"--need to be backed up with support.  
    • Link to Albom's full text:
Due: Monday at the beginning of class.
Journals Revisions due no later than 10/5 at the beginning of class
Final vignettes due 10/13 ...but be prepared for the peer review THIS Friday

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