Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ABC Discussion Questions


1. Why has Lai-Tsao found favor with Tze-Yo-Tzuh? (pg. 139)
2. What does Lai-Tsao mean when he talks to the Monkey King in panel #4? (pg. 145)
3. Why does The Monkey King choose to release himself and follow Lai-Tsao?
4. How do the two voices get represented on this page? To whom do they belong? How do they relate to each other? (p. 163)
5. The author shows kids laughing while Wei-Chen is taking to Amelia. What does the juxtaposition of this panel with the other panels on the page do for the reader? (pg. 175 panel #) 6. How does the author emphasize Jin's emotions? What other examples have you noticed from throughout the book? (pg. 180 - 183)
7. Why does Suzy say she feels embarrassed all of the time? Why do you think Jin kisses Suzy? (pg. 187)
8. Why does Jin reject Wei-Chen? What might be going on with Jin, from a psychological point of view? (pg. 191)
9. What is the significance of the dream? Make sure you look at all the illustrations carefully and study them for subtle meaning. (pg.s 193 - 194)
10. What has happened here? What was your own emotional/psychological reaction to this moment? (pg. 198

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