Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Connotation/Denotation Continued


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Discuss the following with your parent or guardian

English 10 Reading Notification

Dear English 10 Parents and Guardians,

To follow up our reading of The House on Mango Street, your student is scheduled to read American Born Chinese beginning next week (10/5).  American Born Chinese is an award-winning graphic novel that accounts cross-cultural experiences.  More information on the text and its contents are available on Amazon:

American Born Chinese is a useful text to continue to build upon the themes discussed in The House on Mango Street.  It is a text that had been used for such in English 10 classes in the past.  However, it does contain a handful of instances of the use of mild language (PG if we are thinking in movie terms) and irreverent humor.  Its publisher labels it as appropriate for students 12-18, but I would like to make you all aware of these contents.  Overall, I would agree with the 12-18 year-old rating given that these instances are few and far between.  If you have any questions regarding the text, you may contact me via e-mail ( or phone (802-459-3353 ext. 2125). 

Should you not want your student reading the text after examining its description, please fill out the form below.  Be aware that if a student is opted out, it is expected that he or she will complete alternate assignments to show understanding of the same skills that the other students are covering through the American Born Chinese unit.  These assignments may include continuing to participate in class discussions based on the alternative text.

American Born Chinese Opt-Out Form

I do NOT want my student ________________________________________________________
                                            (Student’s name)
to participate in a reading of American Born Chinese.  I agree to my student’s participation in class via alternative assignments.
(Parent/Guardian Signature)

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